Friday, November 12, 2010

Difference Between Concentrate And Extract

Bunny Hill Designs

Yesterday I received letters from America with the following Content:

"The Night Before Christmas" , a BOM by Anne Sutton. I am completely in love with this quilt. Unfortunately I can not even start it because of Moda fabric series available only to the end of the year. But the anticipation is huge. I like the designs of Anne. Looking at this quilt you will discover so many nice little things - they put a smile on our face.
"Tiny Town" also walked right into the shopping cart. A very special quilt houses with so many sweet details. These two Templates and many other beautiful things you can order here . My two templates made a slight detour to Australia, but now they should find the direct route to Austria. "Hi Anne. How are you?" LOL

Many, many hours I will spend as comfortable with applying, but the result will make sure I always very much fun.


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